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Brian Butzen, MD ‐ Reviews

He did everything that could be done to my shoulder. He repaired a tear in my rotator cuff, repaired a tear in my labrum, repaired tendons, removed 2 bone spurs and relocated my bicep muscle. I had pain after surgery for only about 24 hours and could reach the top of my head on the 3rd day. At 5 months, I am almost completely recovered, about half the time it took my other shoulder with a doctor in a different city. He is a good guy and a great doctor!

‐ M in Durango, CO ‐ Feb 06, 2019

Dr Butzen improved the quality of my life by diagnosing and treating my carpal tunnel syndrome. He is caring and professional and highly skilled.

‐ A F in Farmington, NM ‐ Oct 31, 2018

Having seen several orthopedic surgeons over the years, I have enough experience to confidently reccomend Dr. Butzin. His explanation of my existing shoulder injury, the procedure he would eventually perform so well, my journey toward recovery, and shaping goals and expectations along the way were all spot on. Dr. Butzin took the time to thoroughly explain all of these aspects and made it a point to answer all of my questions along the way. Highest marks for Dr. Butzin

‐ D S in Durango, CO ‐ Mar 20, 2017

He was a really great man and I think he would do everything to help you understand what you are needing and how to get yourself better.

‐ R H

My first visit with Dr. Butzen was excellent! The office staff is professional and friendly. The office was clean and comfortable. Dr. Butzen was very professional, informative and accommodated my needs as a new patient! The out patient procedure was painless and stress free because the doctor’ demeanor was very calm and controlled. He listened to my needs and concerns, and answered my questions thoroughly. My recovery has been going well, and I was provided with adequate pain control. I would highly recommend Dr. Butzen and totally appreciate his kind, caring, and downt o earth approach with me! Thanks for the excellent care!

‐ C R

Visiting Dr. Butzen is always a great experience. I am confident in recommending him to all, especially athletes, who are looking for a highly skilled surgeon or orthopedic doctor.
Dr. Butzen shares a wealth of knowledge with the patient, outlines options, clearly describes procedures and gives recommendations all in a relaxed and friendly way. His office provides similarly friendly staff, short wait times, nice environment and is convenient to downtown.
I recommend Dr. Butzen based on his personality, understanding of athletes/sports/training, knowledge of the intricacies of bones and joints, desire to educate the patient, and performance as a highly skilled surgeon.

‐ K R

Dr Butzen is a miracle worker, I had been in pain with numb hands and he completely changed my life after diagnosing and fixing my carpal tunnel syndrome, many thanks.

‐ A F

Having seen several different orthopedic surgeons over the years, I have enough experience to confidently recommend Dr. Butzin. From the start, he took the time to not only describe exactly what my injury was, but to go through the MRI frame by frame, describing exactly what had happened with my injury, and to answer all of my questions.
Dr Butzin was clear on what the procedure would entail, helped to shape my expectations moving forward, and guided me through my recovery. Dr. Butzin is used to working with athletes and active people, and he understands the drive and desire to regain our lifestyle. He is easy to talk to, and unlike many surgeons, he dedicates the time needed to make for the best experience throughout what can be a difficult situation. He takes pride in his work, and genuinely wants what is best for the patient. Overall, Dr. Butzin is a skilled surgeon. Matched with his interpersonal and communication skills, I highly recommend him to help get you back out there!

‐ D S

Brinceton M. Phipps, MD ‐ Reviews

Had some complicated issues with both hips. Run over by car as child which deformed pelvis and spine and became more probmatic as I aged. One hip condition could have proved catastrophic if left untreated. Dr. Phipps not only figured out a technique to deal with my very abnormal anatomical deformities when he replaced each hip joint, but also leveled my pelvis. Something I never expected to be done! I have fantastic hip range of motion now where before I was very restricted and could not walk normally. The anterior hip replacement technique is fantastic compared to the original way. Almost impossible to dislocate (and I’ve had some events that could have). His surgical skills along with Casey’s assist have saved my quality of life! I am a retired RN and was and still am amazed at the outcome of my surgeries!

‐ F L

I feel I got right solutions and from this getting a hip replacement surgery 9th July so surgery no pain after.Thank you.

‐ R S

I travelled from France (as an ex-pat) to have surgery with Dr. Phipps on the recommendation of a friend who had family members do knee replacements with Dr. Phipps. Dr. Phipps office handled my inquiry by email from France and made all the appropriate contacts with insurance and Medicare coverage. I was hiking and fly fishing in Montana 7 weeks later (not recommended), and have had an excellent recovery. My scar is quite minimal, and my mobility without any pain is excellent. I would absolutely return if I ever needed the other knee replaced.

‐ G W

He is a top‐notch doctor with new technology. Dr. Phipps was able to remove lots of hardware from tibia and ACL surgeries to give me a full knee replacement and straighten my leg that was left about 15 degrees crooked from a 2016 ski accident. Reading the other (one star) review for Dr. Phipps, I too had the same trouble with insurance approval. What it turned out to be was that his office personnel were FAXing hand‐written notes to the insurance company. The insurance company then needed to figure out who the hand‐written note was for, scan it, and put it into their patient file. The hand-written notes received from the insurance company were so messy, Microsoft Word had no idea how to copy them onto a scan, much less whose file to deliver them to. I spoke with the office, but am not sure the person scheduling surgery with insurance understood this problem. Dr. Phipps is a great surgeon, just don't depend on their office to get insurance permission approved. You may have to take matters into your own hands, labeling all FAXes well with the insurance case number, your name, policy number, etc. Papers also need to be hand‐written very neatly or typed before FAXing them.

‐ L K

I had a new knee replacement and he totally took care of me. My surgery didn’t take very long which was awesome. He was very informative about the procedure, the after care, and other information. If I wanted to get every detail of my surgery he would have given it. I just can’t handle the information because it makes me sick. I have had my new knee for almost a year and it has been fantastic. I am extremely glad I went with Dr. Phipps.

‐ Mar 12, 2019

Dr. Phipps and his staff do an excellent job of communicating throughout the surgery process. My recent knee replacement was the fifth successful surgery Dr. Phipps has done for four family members.

‐ B C in Grand Junction , CO ‐ Mar 03, 2019

Dr Phipps is a high volume THR surgeon, with years of experience doing anterior surgeries using robotics when appropriate. He, together with hospital, has a zero infection rate for THR. I had an entirely positive THR procedure and rapid, nearly pain free, recovery. I found Dr Phipps to be not only a competent surgeon but a compassionate person. Anonymous reviews were not part of my research!

‐ P J P in Bayfield, CO ‐ Feb 05, 2018

I had my hip replacement done by Dr. Phipps back in 2012. He came highly recommended. He has a great bedside manner and was not quick to judgement he weighs all options before recommending surgery. I just saw him yesterday for my knee. I find him compassionate, knowledgable and he always takes time to listen to my concerns and questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Phipps to anyone in need of a hip or knee replacement I have no issues to this day with my hip and feel it is better than ever

‐ D E in Durango, CO ‐ Aug 22, 2017

Dr Phipps and his staff are fantastic. I had a total right knee replacement 3 weeks ago. Today, I’m walking with no assistance, climbing stairs and have a "range" of -10 to +120 on CPM. Dr Phipps used the Mako robot for my surgery and I can’t say enough about how this fantastic tool in the hands of this skilled surgeon has resulted in my progress during rehab. My physical therapists continually remark about how far ahead my progress is. I highly recommend Dr Phipps!!

‐ H K Fox in Pagosa Springs, CO ‐ May 03, 2017

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